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casio g shock manual 3366

Expose the watch to bright light to charge its battery before using it. If the digital display of the watch is blank. If the P ower Saving on indicator is flashing on the displa y, it means that the Po wer Saving function has turned off the display to conserve power. Fur ther details and technical information can be f ound in the “Reference” section. See “Battery P ower Lev els” f or more information. WED Day of week Minute hand Hour hand Month. Day Current Time Setting This watch automatically adjusts its digital time setting in accordance with a time calibration signal. Because of this, the analog time setting is automatically adjusted whenev er you change the digital setting. See “Analog Timekeeping” f or more information. If it does not, it should adjust automatically after the next auto receive (in the middle of the night). After that, press D and then perform step 1 again. After that, the Timekeeping Mode screen reappears. For more information, see “T o perform manual receive”. Resin Band Metal Band 1 2 3. 5 Summary of content (5 pages) Page 1 MO0405-EA Operation Guide 3366 Getting Acquainted Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch. Page 2 Operation Guide 3366 To turn auto receive on and off 1. In the Timekeeping Mode, press D to display the last signal screen. 2. Hold down A until the current auto receive setting (ON or OFF) flashes on the display. Press D to return to the Timekeeping Mode screen and then refer to “To set your Home City” for information about city codes that support signal reception. Page 5 Operation Guide 3366 Reference This section contains more detailed and technical information about watch operation. It also contains important precautions and notes about the various features and functions of this watch. Power Saving When turned on, Power Saving automatically enters a sleep state whenever the watch is left for a certain period in an area where it is dark.

The table below shows how watch functions are affected by Power Saving. See “Analog Timekeeping” for more information. For more information, see “Daylight Saving Remember that not all countries or even local areas use Daylight Saving Time. The time calibration signals include both Standard Time and DST data. When the auto DST setting is turned on, the watch switches between Standard Time and DST (summer time) automatically in accordance with the signal it receives. The analog time setting is adjusted automatically whenever you change the digital time. High-speed hand movement continues until you press any button. It will also stop automatically after the time advances 12 hours or if an alarm starts to sound. The illustration shown below shows how you should position the watch for charging. Charging is significantly reduced if the face is only partially covered. Make sure that the watch is normally exposed to bright light whenever possible. However, after very long use, the rechargeable battery may lose its ability to achieve a full charge. If you experience problems getting the special rechargeable battery to fully charge, contact your dealer or CASIO distributor about having it replaced. Use of the wrong type of battery can damage the watch. This helps to keep the rechargeable battery from going dead. Level 3 and Level 4 are indicated in all modes. Charge the battery as soon as possible when this happens. All of the digital screen indicators flash while the analog hands are in motion. Functions are enabled once again after the rechargeable battery is charged, but you need to set the digital time and date, after the battery reaches Level 3 from Level 4. You will not be able to set any of the other settings until the battery reaches Level 2 after dropping to Level 4. The correct battery level should be indicated after a few minutes. Avoid leaving the watch in the areas described below whenever charging its rechargeable battery.

Also note that allowing the watch to become very hot can cause its liquid crystal display to black out. The appearance of the LCD should become normal again when the watch returns to a lower temperature. Take care when handling the watch to avoid burn injury. The watch can become particularly hot when exposed to the following conditions for long periods. Actual required exposure times depend on lighting conditions. Atomic Timekeeping, Tough Solar power and 30 city World Time. Black resin band analog and digital watch with black face. To get the most out of your For more information, see Because of this, You can also perform manual receive or you can set the time If you are in an area that does not use After that, Power Saving automatically The time calibration signal Before going to bed for the night, remove the watch from your wrist, and put it in a location where it can easily receive the signal. Note that this watch features a “Full Auto LED Light”, so the auto light switch operates only when available light is below a certain level. Make sure that the watch is normally exposed to bright light whenever possible. Press Mode until DST appears flashing. Press Recieve until mode that you want appears ON OFF AUTO Press Adjust until not blinking city code. Login to post The button on the bottom left-hand side of the watch is the mode button. Pressing it once to will set the watch to time mode. The time digits will begin to flash. 2 Start by adjusting the seconds. Press the button on the top-right side of the watch once. The second digits will start to flash. Press the bottom right-hand button until the correct second time is displayed. Hold down the button to cycle through the digits. Once the correct time is displayed, press the bottom left-hand button and the digits will stop flashing. Press the bottom left-hand button again to set the hours.Set the time and date by cycling through the digits in the following sequence: seconds, hours, minutes, year, month and date.

4 Press the bottom right-hand button to set the seconds to 00. When the second display is between 1 and 29, the digits will change to 00. If the display is between 30 and 59 seconds, the seconds will revert to 00 and one minute will be added to the minutes display. 5 Change from an a.m. to a p.m. setting by pressing the button in the middle of the bottom of the watch when any of the time display digits are flashing. The digital time is correct but the hour hand is six hours ahead. If i set the time at 6:00pm the hour hand will move to 12:00.To set the digital time, press and hold the upper left button until the seconds starts blinking. The hours unit will start blinking. To advance the hour, press the lower right button repeatedly until the correct hour is displayed. If you need to move the hours unit backwards, press the middle right button until the correct hour is displayed. When the hour is set, press the lower left button to switch to minutes, and use the same commands to change the minutes unit. After the time is set, press the upper left button to exit the digital time setting function. Setting Analog TimeWhen this occurs, you need to set the analog time. To set the analog time, press the lower left button 6 times. Next, press and hold the upper left button until the digital time starts to blink. This indicates that you are in analog time setting mode. Analog time adjustment is completed using the lower right button. Every time you press the button, the analog time will advance 20 seconds. If you need to make a big change to the analog time, press and hold the lower right button to make the hands move faster. Once the analog time is set, press the upper left button to exit the analog time setting mode. I hope this helps. Move the hands to the time i.e 10am then advance the minute hand 5 mins past the hour, then turn it back to 10am, when the time comes push set and your hands are set. I think you might have not moved the minute hand forward 5 mins and back.

You can now set your digital time from your hands setting.Press A to move both hands to 12: position. Hold A to move hands fast, Press A again to stop hands. All 3 hands are now at 12' oclock. Press B to exit Hand Home Position mode and enter Timekeeping Mode. 2) Digital Time Set: (hands will self set when done) Press and hold B for 5 seconds to enter setting mode. Press A to advance current item or scroll through choices. Press B to set item and advance to next item. Press B to set (advances to next item). For each item, Press A to advance, and B to set. Pressing B to set last item exits Setting Mode and enters Timekeeping Mode. Hands advance to current time. Good luck, Techjoel Press C to get to city code. Use B and D to move city east or west to your home city. Press A to set and exit. Press C until timekeeping mode is reached (high beep). 2) Set time, Date, etc: Hold A until seconds flash. Press C until item to adjust is flashing. Press B or D to adjust. Press C to go to next item. Press A to exit. 3) Adjust hands (if equiped): Press C until H-Set is reached. Hold A until time flashes. Press D to advance minute hand. Press B while holding D to set faster and continuously. Press D to stop hands before correct analog time is reached. Press D to step to current time (hands only go forward). Press A to exit H-Set mode. Press C to return to timekeeping mode. Press D to select alarm to adjust. Hold A until alarm time flashes. Press B or D to adjust alarm time. Press C to toggle between hour and minutes set. Press A to exit. Press A to turn alarm on and off. Repeat for AL2 - AL4. Press C to return to Timekeeping mode. Press D to select snooze alarm (SNZ). Hold A until snooze alarm time flashes. Press B or D to adjust snooze alarm time. Press A to exit. Press A to turn snooze alarm on and off. Press D to select hourly chime (SIG). Press A to toggle chime on and off. Good luck, TechjoelC. Press MODE to select HOURS. Go through 12 hours for AM or PM. F.

Repeat to set MONTH, DATE, DAY, 12- or 24-hour time display. G. Press SET when done.Press INDIGLO to illuminatePress any button to stop alarm orDisplay pauses. D. Press MODE to resume display of lap and split time (automatic after 10 seconds).Countdown and Start chrono). C. Press SET. HOURS digits will flash. D. Press MODE to select TENS of MINUTES. E. Repeat to set MINUTES, TENS of SECONDS, and SECONDS. F. Press SET when done. Watch will beep when countdown reaches zero.B. Press SET to select HOURS. Digits will flash. Go through 12D. Press MODE to select TENS of MINUTES. Repeat for MINUTES. When alarm time is reached, watch will beep for 20 seconds, or until any button is pushed. Alarm will repeat every 24 hours until deactivated. A. Press INDIGLO to activate light. Patented (U.S. Patent Numbers 4,527,096 and 4,775,964)B. Press and hold INDIGLO for three seconds (beep will sound) to activate or de-activate. Chime on. Alarm on. If your watch is water-resistant, meter marking or ( ) is indicated.Watches are designed toHowever, care whould be taken to avoid damaging crystal. Answer questions, earn points and help others. Your repsone to free suppor tis asking me to enter into a arrangement that requires payment. I've solved the problem from another site free of charge. I'm very disillusioned with the way you promote your site and will definitley recommending to others to stay clear of it. COmes across as we can help you free of charge but bottomline is that this won't happen. Onlty wanted to know how I change the analog time on my watch - could go to the Jewler to do this free of charge - thought the internet would help but your company has prolonged the support immensely. Regards, Paul Stirling There you will find link to all CASIO watch manuals. Rate me, please There you will find link to all CASIO watch manuals.Rate me, please Login to post I give you couple links. MTG900DA 8V Shock Shock Mens Tough Water Resistant Analog Digital Watches.

In depth Review of Casio MTG 900 Shock Waveceptor Tough Solar Watch For manual,check the link below using the module nbr (4 digit nbr in a frame on the back cover). Timepieces Watches Manuals CASIO It seems impossible to connect the atomic clocks here in Europe with this watch. I own the manual and tried a manual connection,. Some radio systems might not be supported(glonass, etc) There you will find link to all CASIO watch manuals. Rate me, please Your repsone to free suppor tis asking me to enter into a arrangement that requires payment. Regards, Paul StirlingAnswer questions, earn points and help others. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. See All Buying Options Add to Wish List Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I collect watches and so have been comparing it to some others in my collection. I prefer a large button below six o'clock as on the GW300. (-1 points) 7) Hands not always easy to see with illumination system. Having the analog hands linked to the calibration system is very cool, though, and more than compensates for the missing second hand. Would I buy this watch again. Definitely! You can preview the manual before ordering to find out more about the watch's many functions.Bang for the buck! This watch makes the ideal work watch because it keeps accurate time and has a lifetime battery that does not need to be maintained. This is the best watch I have ever owned (Next to my Seiko). Please try again later. Lee W. Meister 4.0 out of 5 stars I collect watches and so have been comparing it to some others in my collection. Definitely! You can preview the manual before ordering to find out more about the watch's many functions.Please try again later.

Please try again later. Y. CHIU 4.0 out of 5 stars You already know what it is if you are looking at review for this watch. That means it can receive atomic signal to correct time and I would never have to adjust the watch manually. On this watch you set your local city code, and it then adjust the time for you. You also have the option to set a secondary city code and it can display the city's time on one of the samll window on the watch. You can change either city code anytime. - Price. Yes, at regular price Cons: - For a watch this size, the display is pretty small. That's true for the main display but its worst on the 3 smaller windows. The center one is usually readable. The one on the right just act as a second hand (10 steps), so its not that important. The one to the left actually has some useful information, but you basically cannot read from it unless you already know what they are for (read the manual). It actually wasn't that bad underwater, since object appears bigger under water. - Hour hand is light blue in color. Not the easiest color to see. Some screen print designs on the face are with the same color, which made it worse. To make it even worse, the night LED is blue as well, which is cool to look at but not so nice if you need to quickly spot the hour hand. - Band is made of resin. Not a bad thing, just not what I expected. I think this is actually a feature, and you can choose the pure black version. I just did not notice it when I order. - Too many features.I end up using it as just a watch for the most part (at least for now) I have it for less than a week and I like it.Please try again later. Please try again later. Sam A 5.0 out of 5 stars I have been wearing it every day from 10 to 7. Never had any issue, have used almost every function multiple times, have used the multi-time zones for my international travels. I came back to this page, because the band is cracking out.

I need a replacement, but the band is only available in black color and mine is blue:-(Please try again later. Please try again later. KansasCityChief 4.0 out of 5 stars Time is always accurate and waterproof. The very nice thing about this is that I don't need to change battery 'cause it's solar powered. This watch has a lot of functions. Some of them may not be logically located so I ended up flipping the manual from time to time for all these functions. With good price and trouble free, what can you ask for.Please try again later. Please try again later. Angel A. Garcia 3.0 out of 5 stars Bang for the buck! This watch makes the ideal work watch because it keeps accurate time and has a lifetime battery that does not need to be maintained. This is the best watch I have ever owned (Next to my Seiko).Please try again later. Please try again later. James H 5.0 out of 5 stars However, this G-shock's analog CAN be set faster or slower than the real atomic time it receives over night. It's a bit bulky but I guess that's why some people love it. There is an auto-sensing illuminator when you turn your wrist, but that's more annoying and battery-draining than actually being useful.Please try again later. Please try again later.WRONG! after reviwing the owners manual, on page 37, battery replacement, the battery that collects the energy from the sun that recharges another battery that powers the watch requires replacement FROM THE FACTORY WHEN IT CAN NO LONGER HOLD A CHARGE.Please try again later. Please try again later. Annessa Ramdial 3.0 out of 5 stars It last 1 year after which it stop holding its charge. I would leave it in the sun for 3 - 4 hours every day but it would only last 1 hour or so. If you press the light button, then you deplete the charge.Please try again later. Please try again later. Nick 4.0 out of 5 stars I found the world time very small and at times hard to see, the other two ports are even harder to distinguish.

The blue hour hand is not easy to see either especially in dark and sunny conditions. Not sure how well the resin strap will hold out. Do I consider it good value.Please try again later. Please try again later. pltvu 3.0 out of 5 stars Please try again later. Please try again later. Our Replicas feature the highest and durable quality - almost indistinguishable from the real thing.All the best fashion watches are here. Online shopping is the best way to shop for the Casio Watch C-k33r1-1 Quartz at the rock bottom price.We're not all millionaires in this world. That's why we insist on low prices. You won't find a single bag overpriced in our collection. We maintain a policy of fair, affordable pricing because we know it benefits us all. Hot Watch Model. Shopping on Copryright 2017 All rights reserved. If you open your watch case and encounter a movement cover with one or more springs sticking up out of the cover, you can be sure that this kind of watch will require some special attention to change the battery. To change rechargeable battery in a watch with many functions, you should follow these instructions. These steps might not reflect the steps you would need to take to replace rechargeable batteries in watches with other movements or watches made by other companies. These directions can not be applied to all watches, and if you are unsure of what you are doing, leave this work to professional watchmakers. Tools Needed: A Flat Head Watchmaker’s Screwdriver A Screwdriver Block for Removing Double Ended Screws A Watch Parts Tray Non-Magnetic Tweezers Plastic Tweezers Finger Cots CTL1616 OR other rechargeable cell Step 1 Before even thinking about opening a watch case that is powered by a rechargeable battery to change the battery, you should always leave the watch out in the sunlight to make sure the battery is actually dead and doesn’t just need to be charged.

For optimal charging times and instructions, check your watch’s user manual. If you no longer have the manual, you can find watch model recharging information by searching the model number online. Be sure to check the crystal of the watch as well: if the crystal is very dirty or heavily scratched and chipped, your battery might not be able to charge due to the solar panel in the watch face might not be getting enough light. Step 2 Then since the Casio G-Shock model we have today has a particularly tricky design, we’ll walk you through opening the back here as well. To remove the back, you must first remove the watch band to access the back and avoid damaging the gasket. Start by removing the band on the side of the watch case that has the red “G” button. Note: You may need someone to hold the screwdriver block steady for you, or use a small amount of dish soap to loosen the screw seal to remove it. Line the screw head on the right side of the G button (the side with the Time Memo and Receive buttons) with the largest screwdriver blade on your screwdriver block. Stand the watch case up on the block holding it so you can insert your free flat head screwdriver into the screw head facing up. Using the block to hold the bottom screw head steady, unscrew the upper screw turning it counterclockwise. Step 3 Remove the screw from the band when it comes loose and take your non-magnetic tweezers and use them to push the tube attached to the other screw head out of the band. Place both the screw head and the tube in your parts tray so they don’t get lost during the repair. When nothing else is holding the band to the watch case, pull the rubber end cap attached to the watch case away from the watch band until the end cap slips off the watch case. Step 4 Turn the watch case over, so the other side of the watch band is accessible. You should always completely remove the watch band to avoid damaging the watch case back or gasket.

Line the screw head on the right side of the G-Shock label (the side with the Time Memo and Receive buttons) with the largest screwdriver blade on your screwdriver block. Step 5 Remove the screw from the band when it comes loose and take your non-magnetic tweezers and use them to push the tube attached to the other screw head out of the band. When the watch band is completely free of the watch case, set it aside so you will remember which way the watch band attached to the watch case so your clasp lays the right way. Step 6 Before you remove the back of the watch case, you should put plastic finger cots on your fingers that might touch the watch movement. We recommend doing this because any dirt, oils or grease on your fingers can get on the movement and damage the inner workings of the watch if you touch it with your bare fingers. These finger cots will keep that oil from transferring to the watch. Step 7 Now you can open the watch case back. To learn How to Open a Watch Case Back with Screws, check out this article. Step 8 Once the screws have been removed and your finger cots are in place, very carefully remove the case back taking special care not to disturb the springs that are in the watch movement. Once the watch back has been removed, you will see that there are three springs of different sizes sticking out of the watch movement. Before you disturb them, take a picture or draw a diagram of the movement so you can put them back where they belong. Without these springs in their positions, your watch will not function. Step 9 When you have a diagram that reminds you where the springs go, carefully remove them with your non-magnetic tweezers and put them in your parts tray with the watch case back screws so they don’t get lost. Step 10 Now the black rubber cover designed for shock absorption should be sitting in the watch case with nothing else obstructing it now. Remove the black cover and set it aside so you remember where it goes in the watch case.

Under the black cover, you will see a white plastic cover. Remove this as well and set it aside, next to the black cover. Step 11 The battery compartment should now be exposed in your watch. The battery will be held in place with a strap that covers most of the battery. Find where the strap latch locks into place. Then, carefully push the latch down with your tweezers before pulling the latch out toward you to release the watch strap. Step 12 When the latch strap is open, take your plastic tweezers and grip the battery to remove it. You may need your non magnetic tweezers to pop the battery out of its slot before you can grab it completely with your plastic tweezers. Lift the strap up so you can easily slide the new battery under it and into the slot with the positive side is facing up. Once the battery is under the strap, you may need to push it into place in the compartment with your fingers. Step 14 With the battery is in place, you can close the strap over it. Take your non-magnetic tweezers again and grip the tab of the latch that locks into place in the movement. Hold the movement steady with your free hand while you push down on the strap across the battery. Push the latch down with your tweezers and away from you toward the battery until it catches and stays closed. It might take more than one try to get it closed. Step 15 When the latch is securely in place, you will need to restart the watch again with your metal, non-magnetic tweezers. Place one tip of you tweezers in the negative (minus) port and the other tip in the AC port simultaneously. The watch display’s digital elements should flash for you now. Step 16 At this point, if the digital display is flashing, you can replace the white cover plate over the movement. Make sure that the holes for the contact springs are lined up with the holes for the contact springs in the movement.

When the white cover is in place, next replace the black shock absorbing plate, again making sure that the holes for the springs line up with the holes in the white cover plate. Step 17 After both cover plates have been replaced, take your three contact springs and return them to their designated spots. You may need to refer to the diagram or picture you made earlier to accomplish this. Step 18 Then, when all the watch parts have been put back where they belong in the watch case, it is time to close the watch case and replace the watch band. Lay the case back across the watch case, align the holes with the holes in the watch case and be sure the wider side of the back fits in the wider groove in the case. Use this article to learn How to Close a Watch Case Back with Screws. Step 19 Once the back has been tightened back into place, you can replace the watch band. Pick up the watch band so you know which side of the watch case it attaches to. Insert the darker grey end link into the ivory end cap. Push the end cap in and rock it slightly back and forth until the end link snaps into place in the end cap. Step 20 When the end cap and end link are connected together, take the first tube with the screw head end and insert it into the same side you removed it from. Push the tube into the end pieces from the Time Memo and Receive button side of the watch case. When the tube is in place, take one of the end cap screws and place it in the hole, twist it in clockwise once or twice to hold it in place. Take the screwdriver block again and line the large screw head up with the side of the screw attached to the tube (the right side, with the Time Memo button). Using your free flat head screwdriver, screw the screw back into place by turning it clockwise until you can’t turn it anymore. Step 21 Remove the watch case from the screwdriver block and turn it so you can attach the other end of the watch band back to the watch case.

Take the free end and insert the darker grey end link into the ivory end cap. Step 22 When the end cap and end link are connected together, take the first tube with the screw head end and insert it into the same side you removed it from. Finished Once the back and band have been replaced, you should set the time and then place the watch face up under natural light for an hour to fully charge. At this point, you should look up your local battery recycling center so you can safely recycle the old battery. Lithium batteries can be very toxic and pose serious risks to children, so they must be disposed of properly. See our Battery Ingestion Warning for more information. Click Here to Shop for Watch Repair Tools You May Also Like. February 16, 2019 Vipul Sharma Reply Hey, like your watches because the designed are outclass and stylish thanks for sharing the article.Thanks for such an amazing article. May 26, 2019 Boldwish Reply Awesome. Such a great help! Now let me try this on my g shock watch. Hope everything goes in the right way. June 15, 2019 WatchValley Reply Nice tutorial. This is the great help. Thanks July 15, 2019 Monty Singh Reply Very Good Information About Casio G Shok. Love to read again and again. Casio started undertaking several subcontracting jobs in the mechanical industry before it launched an electric calculator in 1957. December 13, 2019 SwagBell Reply Very good article January 1, 2020 daamaze Reply good information about rechargable watch cell in casio g-shock.knowledgable article January 1, 2020 manoj kumar Reply It was really nice of you to provide the best option to help me solve my issue with my g shock watch February 16, 2020 Karim Qureshi Reply nice website March 16, 2020 fcrkart Reply thanks for the easy guide more understanding and got a lot from it Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Learn more.